we need a revolutionary earthquake
to shake the grounds
of this structural and permanent
state of international emergency
we need more than a diluvio universál

because going to the polls
every four years
is a sad, staged fantasy
in which the audience participates
amused and contempt
with the democratic innovation
of this drama experimentál

but kicking out the president
(the puppet, the circus monkey)
will never be enough!
We better start uncovering
the fairytale of personal achievement,
we better stop aiming to be the C.E.O.

because getting out of the ghetto
when you can afford it
will not get rid of the ghetto:
some other poor will move in
to your old railroad apartment
and their daughters
and their daughters
will get raped repeatedly
by their uncle, by their father
by their neighbor
and it will be kept in silence
while the owner of the corner store
reaps all the benefit
selling over priced band aids

we need a revolutionary earthquake!
we're through with the commodity flood!
we're through with natural disasters
that do not get the message across!

because while general elektrikk
keeps producing the means for warfare
paid by the profit from everything else
they make and we buy
this pithole will remain the same
people will still go down

despite who we voted for in november
despite the little chance
you get to leave the hood

we need a BIG revolutionary earthquake
to shake the grounds
of all this BULLSHIT

because moving out your block
and personal advancement
(sad as it is)
will not improve the world!
Carolina Peñafiel (Chile), photographer, is founder of Local Project, a Queens-based non-for-profit org. for the arts , contact: carolinasoft@gmail.com
Nicole Cecilia Delgado (Puerto Rico) , poet, currently lives in Brooklyn. Provisional webmaster of delitos menores.


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